Emma C Tabor



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I use drawing to make journeys of discovery from a known beginning to an uncertain destination dependant on the spontaneous decisions taken as my pen travels.   Unconscious elements are woven in making the results ambiguous and raises questions of the psychological pressures of daily life.  The many layers of consciousness that hide and conceal or raise and reveal elements of personal and universal history become entwined in the drawings.


The 'Lifeline' series of drawings all start from a central seed and grow unpredictably, some offer quiet contemplation whilst others are more exuberant and may incorporate darker aspects of the psyche.  Characteristics are found from various aspects of human psychology and the many layers of consciousness, playfulness, excitement, desire, menace and apprehension.


Printmaking has been a natural extention of my drawing practice as it allows further development of the imagery. The moods apparent in the drawings can be accentuated through colour or the use of multiple plates can create extra layers of complexity and depth.


Recent work includes a fluid exploration of colour using a technique of monoprinting with screenprinting.  Layering colours to provide a rich and powerful background to support the drawings.


The study of human consciousness has involved philosophers, neuroscientists, psychologists, writers and artists and still remains one of the great mysteries of our time. How we gain awareness of ourselves and the world about us affects our perceptions of everything we see and feel.  Within my practice I challenge my own perceptions by the work and aim to make others question what they see.