The Laburnum

Laburnum is the name of the residential complex that we are living in, we have a flat in one of the Court Green Blocks.  Like many such places it is a gated complex with security guards and additional facilities such as a small general store, chemist, dry cleaners, restaurant, gym and squash courts.  Unlike some places though it is a mixed development with three tower blocks, a number of medium rise blocks and three story town houses around the perimeter.


This is the block with our apartment, we are on the third floor, but in this view ours is the one with the second balcony from the bottom.  This is the balcony from our lounge.




The view from the balcony is shown to the right and also shows one of the entrances.






The towers have 18 floors and the top three floors are penthouses, some of our friends are in one of these and you get some good views over the town from there.












We also have flood lit tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool, which operates from March to September.  The general grounds also have some well maintained landscaping.  So far we have found it a very good place to live and there are some shopping areas and restaurants nearby that we can walk to.