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City Tour: Thian Hock Keng Temple


Our first stop on land was in the China town district at the Thian Hock Keng Temple.  This is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore built in 1839, however it had a major renovation in 2000 and therefore now looks immaculate.  Within the temple there are shrines to a number of deities, the most prominent being the Sea Goddess Ma Zhu Po, as the temple was built and used primarily by sailors.  Therefore when returning to Singapore after a journey they would give thanks at the temple.

This is the main altar of the temple, with the statue of Ma Zhu Po the central recess. The decoration is very elaborate and a lot of gold leaf is used.



This is continued on the underside of the roofs , the carvings here depict stories from Chinese folklore.














The temple has an open inner courtyard where you can see the evidence of modern Singapore.



















Around the temple there are additional smaller shrines to other deities.  

















Decorations on the main temple doors and the Andy.
















 On the roof are twin dragons representing the principles of yin and yang and between them is the "night-shining pearl".




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