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City Tour: River Cruise

As part of our holiday a half day city tour was included which was a mixture of sights and shopping.  The guide was quite funny as he would say that Singaporeans are very disciplined and time keeping was important so 'when its time to take photos, take photos, when its time to shop then shop'.  Most of those on the tour were from the Philippines, and they seemed to want to shop and on the two shopping stops the stores seemed to do good business.

We though were more interested in the sights as we had plenty of other occasions to shop.  The first stop was for a short boat ride to see the Merlion at the water front.  

The Merlion was created by the Singapore Tourist Board as a symbol to represent Singapore.  The city was named in the 14th Century as Singapura which meant "Lion City" by a Sumatran King who was shipwrecked there and saw a lion which he had not previously seen.  The Merlion has the tail of a fish (like a mermaid) and was selected to represent the Singaporean's ancestors who were known as Sea-people and its origins as a fishing village.  There are now many statues around the island often with fountains like this one.









This picture was taken by the captain of our boat for us.  In fact he insisted on doing one and he did a good job too.









The hedgehog like building is the Esplanade, a multi-purpose arts centre.









This shows some of the old buildings along the river side, on a stretch known as the Boat Quay, which are now used as pubs and restaurants.  In an evening it is very busy and we ate at an Indonesian restaurant one evening - very nice.









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