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National Orchid Garden

Within the Singapore Botanic Garden is a separate Orchid Garden.  The orchid breeding programme started within the botanic gardens in 1928.  Now there are over 1000 hybrids and 2000 species in the garden's collection.  Many of the varieties are named after visiting dignitaries and celebrities.  Breeding requires patience as it can take between 3 to 7 years before a new orchid will flower for the first time.

To help grow the orchid in appropriate condition there is a mist house and a cool house!

A selection of colourful orchids.













Plants growing in sculptured pots within the mist house.











Some school children whose rain coats were as colourful as the flowers.














This is the National flower of Singapore, Vanda, Miss Joaquim.  It was discovered in 1893 and chosen as the National flower in 1981.






'Queen Elizabeth'









Don't know the name of this one, but I like it.













Mokara Lion's Gold, a hybrid created in the garden.














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