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The IT Malls

Whilst in Singapore we did a bit of shopping, looking for some items for our cameras and computer.  In Delhi these items can take a bit of finding and are often expensive because of import duty.   Singapore is full of camera and computer shops, there is almost one in every mall, but there are also two specific malls particularly dedicated to IT goods.  These were the Sim Lim and Funan Malls.  The interesting thing was that they were two quite different places.

The Sim Lim mall had five floors of shops, which were a mix of wholesalers, retailers and suppliers. Small shops specialising in certain aspects like, laptops, peripherals, networking etc.  Many were of the stack it high sell it cheap variety and many would have someone near the front of the shop to try and reel in the punters. The shops were closely packed in and it was a busy, slightly chaotic sort of place.
















 Some views and one of the shops in the Sim Lim Mall.











The Funan Mall in contrast had a more open feel with more space for the shops and the people.  There were more branded shops rather than independent retailers and more of them had goods on display that you could view and inspect.  It still had five floors and probably everything that you could possibly want for your computer or camera, not to mention playstations, ipods etc etc....

As you might imagine, Andy just didn't know where to start looking first.  Oh the possibilities.............

 The Funan Mall


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