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Petronas Twin Towers

These buildings still hold the world record as the tallest twin buildings in the world at 452 metres, however they lost their place as the overall tallest building to the Taipei 101 building in Tawain (509m) in 2004.  The towers were completed in 1997 and form just one part of a large complex which includes Kuala Lumpur's largest shopping centre, a landscaped park, art gallery and concert hall.  Petronas is the national oil and gas company of Malaysia and occupies much of the office space in the towers along with other Malaysian and multi-national firms.

There are 88 storeys and and at levels 41 and 42 is the sky bridge linking the two towers.  The bridge is open to the public during the day but we did not go up there.


This was the view of the twin towers from the KL Tower, which really shows how much it rises above the rest of the city's skyscrapers.

The cream coloured building just to the right of the towers is where the shopping centre is located.

















The tower here are pictured from their rear at ground level.


















In front of the towers there is an open square along with fountains, where tourist like to have their pictures taken.












Looking away from the towers.


















The skybridge, which had its own staring role in the film Entrapment.












More tourists!














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