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Mahsuri's Tomb

Makam Mahsuri was a local heroine who lived about 200 years ago.  The legend is that she was was a beautiful girl who married the son of a village headman and Chief of Langkawi  Rumours started that she was being unfaithful to her husband with a traveling poet.  While her husband was away, her Mother-in-Law raised the village against her and the tied her to a tree to try and kill her.

None of the sword of daggers used against Mahsuiri caused her any wound and the villagers were baffled but still they tried.  Mahsuri realised that only her death would appease them so she told them that the only weapon that could harm her was her Father's keris (ceremonial sword).  This was fetched and used to kill her.

The villagers noticed that the blood flowing from her was white and an indication of her innocence.  As she died she laid a curse on the island stating that it would 'not prosper for seven generations'.  It did follow that the island then began to suffer much misfortune being invaded by Siam, and later the population fell significantly.  Fortunes for the island began to improve from the 1980s as tourism began thrive.

As a young man Tunku Abdul Rahman, who later became Malaysia's first Prime Minister tried to locate her grave pay his respects.  Islanders did not know where it was but he searched and sometime later found what he believed to be her grave in undergrowth.  There is though no proof of this fact, however the site was restored and became a tourist attraction.  Around the tomb a model village has been built in the way it would have been in her lifetime.

Her descendants were traced to Phuket in Thailand in 2000 and it was discovered that the eighth generation direct descendent of her was born in 1980, as fortunes for the island began to improve.


A large meeting hall for the village.















Smaller buildings













A view from the village.













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