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Pulau Langkawi


Paula (Island) Langkawi is off the North East Coast of Malaysia not far from Thailand.  Its was an hours flight from Kuala Lumpur.  There are actually 99 islands that make up the whole of Langkawi but we stayed on the largest at the Berjaya Beach Resort on the East of the Island. The islands have a population of about 45,000 and a mainly agrarian lifestyle, but the tourist industry is rapidly growing.  While benefiting from the income most islanders do not participate in the industry and most hotel staff are apparently from the mainland.

Below are some generally shots, many from the car taken as we traveled about the island.












The importance of tourism, all the signs point to hotels or tourist attractions.












Cenang Beach, one of the larger and more popular ones on the island, it was not the busiest time of year though!












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