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Menara Kuala Lumpur

Menera means tower and this is Kuala Lumper's communication tower similar to Toronto's CN Tower.  While not quite as tall as Toronto's tower (533 m), it is still the fourth highest communication tower in the world at 421 metres.  It also stands on a small hill giving it even higher views over the city.  We went up the tower to take a look around the city.

All around the city the KL Tower is in the skyline.













Going up?


















The city is surrounded by a number of small hills and we traveled out to one during the city tour.


There is also a lot of construction work going on in the city.










We also got a closer view of the now more famous Petronas Towers.  Winches appeared from the top level everyday but we could not make out what they were lifting.

















The view within the observation floor, we were provided with an audio tour describing what could be seen from each window.

















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