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Dataran Merdeka

Dataran Merdeka is Independence Square, named as it was the site where the British Flag was lowered for the last time on 31st August 1957.  The Square is the historic center of the city and has a number of important building and features around it, work here originally stated in 1894 as part of the British colonisation of Malaysia. 


The all important flagpole, reputably the fourth highest in the world at 95 metres


















This picture taken from the KL Tower gives a better impression of its scale and situation.



















Opposite the square with the flagpole is the padang or green.  This was the playing field of the Royal Selangor Club, whose buildings are the ones built in a mock Tudor style.

This was once the centre of Colonial social life.

There is an underground Plaza here too.




















This building shown here and above, is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and stands opposite the Royal Selangor Club.  It houses the High and Supreme Courts of Malaysia.  It was the first Moorish style building constructed here, built from 1894-7, by two British Architects who had spent quite some time in India.  They decided that the Moorish style would suit a Muslim country ignoring the local styles of construction.














This fountain in the square was built in 1897, add to the general mix of new and old styles around the square.
























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