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Going Up


The car was attached to a single cable, this shot was taken shortly after we started.

















The village complex below, after passing the first stage.














This section between the second pylon and the first viewing level at the top of the hill holds the world record as the longest free span mono cable in the world at  919.5m.  The overall gradient is 42 degrees.

After passing the pylon it becomes very quite and you seem to drop a bit before heading toward the hillside and then going up.















Me at this point, starting to wonder why I agreed to this!!













The middle station and first viewing platform.  We got off at  this stage to have a look around before going on.

This first stage is at 650m.  There is a path through the forest from here to the top station.  Or you can get back on another car as we did.









A maintenance car, with no windows.










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