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Batu Caves - On Arrival

About 13km north of the city are the Batu caves.  There are a number of caves with in the limestone hills, but one that stands out is home to a Hindu Temple, the Sir Sri Subramania Swamy Temple.  In modern times the caves were discovered in 1892 and the temple built but it is thought that the caves were places of worship long before that.

There is a smaller gallery cave with drawings of Hindu mythology but unfortunately we did not have time to see that.

At the end of January the site is crowded with devotees for the Hindu festival of Thaipusam, we saw some photographs of the place at that time of year and all the steps are full with people.  The place is considered the principle place of pilgrimage amongst Hindus in Malaysia.


The front of the temple area, with a giant statue (sorry not sure which deity) and the stairs leading to the cave.


















Various restaurants offering vegetarian refreshments.













The coconuts are particularly popular.















A shrine sited just by the giant statue.

















Its a long way up!


















Various representations of Ganesh.












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