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The Bijay Mandal

At the next level up it was possible to more of the pavillion.


The presence of the red sandstone decoration around the top of the structure, suggests that it was part of the royal quarters.  Its small size means that it may have been for private use.











This hole is on top of the roof and along with a number of others means that there may have been a further wooden structure creating another floor.















The palace is thought to have extended over this grassy area.  The stones near the path in the foreground are believed to be foundation stones that supported a 'Hall of a Thousand Pillars'  made of wood.  
















Further on are the graves of Sheikh Hasan Tahir who died in 1503.  Its is said that he lived in the Bijay Mandal.


The structure beyond was most likely to have been built during his time but its purpose is uncertain.










From the pavilion it was also possible to see the many domes of the Begumpur Masjid.  First we had to walk through the village area of Begumpur.


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