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Tour 4th October 2006

Guides: Sally, Becky, Merja, Laurie

Jahanpanah is generally considered the fourth city of Delhi, built by Mohammed Shah Bin Tughlak, the son of Ghiyasuddin Tughlak.  Construction commenced about 1325 and a lot of the work was to build a large defensive wall connecting Lal Kot, Qila Rai Pithora, Siri Fort and Turghlaqabad.  However this proved too large a project and Turghlaqabad was not connected and generally abandoned at that time.

As a result the remaining buildings and ruins are dotted about various parts of South East Delhi and the tour concentrated on the Bijay Mandal and Beumpur Masjid.

The rule of Mohammed Shah was cruel and hard and he had a reputation for megalomania and brutality.  In 1327 he decided to move the Capital about 700 miles south to Daulatabad, keeping Delhi as purely a military base.  However he gave the 1.5 million people he expected to move just 3 days notice which did not give them time to gather enough supplies for the journey and many died en-route.  A couple of years later he changed his mind and returned to Delhi, along with a much depleted population that had to follow him again.



An octagonal pavilion at the top of the Bijay Mandal.













The Bijay Mandal is believed to be the place of  Mohammad Shah's palace but little archaeological work has been carried out to establish the truth of this.  The methods and materials of the building lead mainly to the conclusion of the age of the buildings.  There is little in ornamentation or the red sandstone or marble which were expensive materials.  Mohammad Shah led many military expeditions to defend his realm which were very expensive leaving less funds for fancy building.


Arriving at the site the first structure is a domed building of a slightly later period in the 15th century.  Its purpose is unknown and has the  unusual feature of two entries to three side of the building and the fourth left closed.

The Pavilion can be seen just be seen to the top right.








Having walked from the domed building to around the another side of the site we were closely observed by a group of kids in an archway o the building.













Some of the additional structure can be seen here, it was a not possible to wander around much of the sire because of the overgrowth and the likelihood of snakes within that.











We then progressed to the upper level.  A view of the domed building from above.













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