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Through Hauz Khas

Wandering through Hauz Khas there are some other distinct monuments.


This triple domed structure is quite unusual in construction and layout.  Its purpose is not known for sure but it may have been another meeting area.












The three domed building is just off the left of the picture, more cells can be seen in the floor below it.


















This area may have been a meeting hall or other section of the residential building.













These steps down to the level of the water tank were reached from the hall shown above.


















This path now provides a walk around the whole of the remaining perimeter of the water tank.











When Firoz Shah died the Delhi Sultanate had reduced in area with regions like Bengal gaining independence.  His followers also proved to be weak and  six rulers took the throne over the next ten years.  The city of Delhi lost its regional importance after the Turk-Mongol warlord Timur invaded and sacked the city in 1398 leaving much of it in ruins.  The Sayyid Dynasty took control in 1414 but it was another 40 odd years before Delhi's prominence was truly regained with the beginning of the Lodi Dynasty.


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