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Around the Dargah

Very close to the Dargah we saw a few other sights.   These included the tomb of Atgah Khan (1566), this was the general of Akbar who was murdered by Adham Khan, whose story was told during the Mehrauli Tour.  The tomb was built by Atgah's son Mirza Aziz Koltash and has very elaborate decoration.



Mirza went on to build his own family mausoleum, the Chausath Khamba (1623), which gets its name for the sixty-four pillars that support a roof of 25 domes.  It is constructed from white marble but has a more open feel than many tombs, it is thought he was inspired by the 15th C tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Khattu at Sarkhej, that he saw while stationed as the Governor of Gujarat. 



Mirza's tomb.


















Additional tombs in the courtyard surrounding the Chausath Khamba












The decorative walls.











Nizamuddin's step well has survived in the village, thought the water does not look very pleasant, some people still use it like this young lad who had climbed over the fence to get in.





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