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Within the City Walls

The city of Turghlakbad had one major problem a poor supply of water and is one reason that it was mainly abandoned within four years of Ghiyasuddin's death in 1325.  Ghiyasuddin died when meeting his son, Mohammed, outside the city after returning home from a battle victory.  Mohammad had built a ceremonial pavilion which 'conviently' collapsed while Ghiyasuddin and another of his son was inside and Mohammad was outside.

Mohammad Tughlak left the city partly because of the water problem, but also because it was located some distance from the older settlements of Lal Kot and Siri.  Mohammad set about building Jahanapanah, nearer to the older areas.  He planned to surround all of the three old cities within one wall though this project was never completed.

Walls of the citadel within the city's perimeter













The remains of a deep water tank used to supply water to residents.

















A couple of restoration workers.












Remains of Palace walls.












Much of the city has been completely overgrown.













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