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Some Hayrana Villages

As we journeyed to Sultunpur Bird Sanctuary we saw some of the more rural aspects of Hayrana.  It was the first time we travelled out of the cities of Gurgaon or Delhi.  The trip though short was interesting as Indian maps are not particularly accurate.  We had two different versions that showed the sanctuary in completely different places.  Our Driver had not been there before.  Initially he asked four of the other drivers at Laburnum, as we turned off the highway he then asked a policeman.  As we continued he had to stop three more times to check the way, going wrong once and turning round.  Road signage is not great either and the first road sign to indicate the sanctuary was when we were just three miles away.  Anyway we made it there and these are a few photos taken along the way from the car.

The yellow building, is a common site in towns and villages, it is a phone post.  They do not have individual phone boxes but rather huts or small buildings or shops offering phone services.  You can identify then by the abbreviations painted on the side, STD, ISD, PCD.











In this picture you can see some piles of mud cakes.  These seemed to be a mixture of mud and straw, hand moulded into flat rounds and left to dry.  They then appeared to be used to build up low walls and in the construction of shelters.










The area in general appeared to be farm land with many of the fields sowed with mustard plants which have the bright yellow flowers.  Andy said that these reminded him of the fields in Lincolnshire.

The area was also very flat.

In the villages, there were small shops with basic goods and a number of garages servicing farm equipment.  It was also noticeable that the cattle here were chained up rather wandering free as in the city.  We are not sure of the reasons behind this.






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