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The City Palace

Udaipur City Palace is the largest palace in Rajasthan covering about 5 acres.  It is really an amalgamation of a number of palaces built over four centuries by different members of the Royal Family as they added their own touches to the complex.  It also deceives the eye into looking larger than it actually is as the structure is built over a natural hill, so some areas of the upper storey actually have no floors below them just the rock of the hill.

The Palace was started in the 1560s, by the Mewar Royal family and after the fall of their previous capital became the city and palace became the centre of their rule.  The older sections include narrow corridors and steep staircases that lead to halls and courtyards.  Typical of forts of the period the restricted passages help in the defensive properties of the building.  The Palace is still used by the Royal Family as their residence but it now also includes the City Palace Museum and two hotels.




This is the main frontage of the palace from the internal courtyard of the Palace complex that can be reached from gates to the city to the right.

Entrance to the older sections of the palace are reached through the large arch way to the left.  Other buildings of the complex are behind and to the right of where these pictures were taken.















A close up of the sun emblem embedded in the walls above.  This is a symbol of the Royal family.  (The Sisodia clan claims to be descended from the Sun)

















The gateway in the courtyard that leads through to the city.













A smaller side area that now houses one of the hotels.













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