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Sunset Lake Tour

One evening we went on a tour around the lake at sunset aboard one of the hotel's launches.  It gave the chance to see the city lakeside and the Jag Mandir.


The City Palace from a different view.  As well as the Hotel and the Jag Mandir there were a number of smaller structures around the lake like the one in the foreground.













Looking in the other direction along the Lake Front
















This was a main landing point from the Lake to the City, apparently only the Royal Family used to pass through the central arch, other people had to use the two to the sides.

















A small road bridge crossing the Lake.  The small stretch of water beyond is know as the Swarup Sagar.












This small building and platform apparently spent part as its life as an ammunition store.














The City Palace














The sun was setting behind the hills, shining straight towards the City Palace.













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