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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary is about 20km south east of Gurgaon, and it was our first trip out of the city areas and into more rural areas.  To see some of the photos of the villages enroute click here.

When you arrive its made quite clear who the park is for.

The sanctuary itself is based around a lake and wet lands area and gets lots of migratory birds during the winter.  As you enter the park there is a tall viewing platform where you can overlook the lake.

The lake and Andy from the viewing platform.











You can then follow a brick path which takes you all around the lake.  You can move off the path to go closer to the lake edge and see the wild fowl more easily.













Around the far side of the was a farm and some of the workers came over and waved us on.











As well as the birds ( which are very hard to photograph - hence no pictures of them) there were also cattle and deer.

It appeared that the brown deer was the female and the grey one was the male.


It was a very enjoyable visit and this is somewhere we shall probably visit again and hopefully capture some of the birds on camera.  We did see quite a few though, storks, bird of prey, waders, song birds and a flash of a beautiful blue one, though we have yet to work out what it was.






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