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Garden of Five Senses

Said-Ul-Azaib Village, Delhi

This is purpose built garden park opened 2 years ago.  It is a 20 acre sight and has been landscaped into different areas of planting themes.  We visited in the early evening in May when the day time is too hot to wander, in the cooler evening air the fragrance of many of the plants come through and is a very pleasant place to end a day.  Dusk started to fall while we were there and views from the hill show the lights from south Delhi




Through out the garden there are also many pieces of sculpture that have been specially commissioned for the site.




In the site includes a small hill which has not been formally landscaped but has a small shrine.  From here views over the city can be seen.



   The tower to the right is the Qutab Minar. 












  William and Andy











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