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Quilters in Town

Rather than a touring trip this was intended as a chance to sew and relax for a few days.  Our accommodation was highly suited for this with a long gallery with lots of light and a veranda to sit on when it was warmer.  During our stay though it was quiet cold and damp for much of the time so we also welcomed the electric blanket and a cosy lounge for the evening where we could light a real fire.  On our last day though we were able to enjoy some sunshine on the veranda and whilst not hot I still managed to get a touch of sunburn.

For some of the time we pooled talents to work on some child size quilt tops for Operation Smile.  Karen helps this charity which sets up clinics to perform cleft lip and palette operations in deprived and rural areas. 

The gallery.












Karen choosing some fabrics.


















Hard at work honest!


















' If you believe hard enough then it's not cold - really'


















One of the quilts, later in its finished state (hopefully some more shots to come of others.)















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