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Victoria Memorial Hall

This is one of the city's most famous landmarks.  It was the idea of Lord Curzon one of India's British Viceroys.  The foundation stone was laid in 1906 but the building was not completed until 1921, by which time the capital had moved to Delhi.  It is a grand building showing confident imperialism that in fact was not to last that much longer.  The building was constructed in marble from the same quarries that supplied the Taj Mahal.  It is now used as a museum and includes a very good gallery showing the history of the city.  There are also various artefacts of the British Raj on display including a number of sculptures of eminent British figures of the period.  It is set within landscaped gardens at one end of the Maiden Park.




The main pathway to the entrance of the hall.  The small green piles on the gravel are grass clippings left by gardeners before collection.

The dome currently with scaffolding around it is topped with a 6m high statue of the Angel of Victory blowing a trumpet.











From the main steps looking down to the entrance gates.














You can see the rear of this large sculpture of Queen Victoria in the picture above.  It is sited halfway between the entrance gates and the main building.  All the characteristics of a formidable lady.


















The building viewed from the roadside.













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