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Indian Museum

The Indian Museum in Kolkata is the oldest and largest in the country.  Its collections were founded in 1814, while its current home was built for it in 1875.  The building was designed by Walter Granville who also designed the city's general post office.  It is an imposing three storied building with a central courtyard.  The collections include various sculptures and art works from the last two millennia, as well as natural history exhibits of fauna and minerals.




Inside the courtyard














A statue of a young Queen Victoria


















The mineral exhibits appeared to be housed in cabinets probably from Victoria's era.



















A replica of the Lion Capital of Ashoka, the original is now in Sarnath Museum in Uttar Pradesh.

The Capital was adapted as the National Emblem of India since Independance, though the statue consists of four lions back to back it is always drawn with three as in this view.  The lions stand on a circular abacus are a four more animals, a bull, elephant, horse and an additional lion, separated by chariot wheels.

The original was raised by the Emperor Ashoka who ruled the vast Maurya empire, including the majority of what is now India, Pakistan, Afghanistan in the 3rd century BC.












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