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Nasik is one of the principle Holy cities of India and one of the venues for the huge Kumbh Melas that take place every 3 years.  The town stands on the River Godavari, the holiest in the Deccan region.  In the Hindu epic Ramayan it is said that the Lord Rama and his wife Sita wer exiled here and it is where the godess Lakshama cut off the nose (or nasika) of Ravana's sister, hence giving the city its name.

The Kumbh Melas are massive events drawing pilgrims and holy men from all over India and tens of millions of people may attend.  In the Hindu creation myths the gods and demons fought over a pitcher (kumbh) containing the nectar of immortality.  Vishnu obtained the pitcher and spirited it away, but in the process dropped 4 drops of the nectar on the Earth at Allahabad, Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain. 

We arrived at around dusk and started our tour around one of the ghats in the central area of the town.



Approaching the central ghats.













One of many ladies making small offerings that could be brought to float down river.












Andy brought one and let it go on its way.  The river flowed fairly quickly there so it was soon moving off.


















Andy's and a few other candles head off down river.



















A family makes an offering, the lady then washed the faces of both boys with water from the river.

















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