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Inside the Train

While on board we had a double room with en-suite shower room.  While compact it provided all we required, though you did have to be a touch careful taking a shower when the train was moving. There was an attendant for each coach and a small sitting area with a little TV at the end. As well as the accommodation carriages there were two restaurant cars, a bar, conference room and spa coach.  About 80 passengers could be accommodated though there was probably 40 to 50 during our trip.  The food was very good with a wide variety of Indian and Continental dishes.

One advantage of this method of travelling was that we did not have to keep packing up our bags for every new destination as you would need to for a coach tour.



Our cabin













and bathroom.















A touch of afternoon tea.













Restaurant car.













The conference room, which also had a small business room at one end with an internet link!












Our steward Harish, he had worked on the train since its first journey three years ago.  The staff work 3 full weeks and then get a week off.


Sindhudurg was the name of our coach and also a stop on the first part of the journey that we did not take.















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