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Martial Arts Demonstration

Our next stop was to a demonstration of local marital arts.  This took place inside the perimeter of the Old Palace.  Not all of the Palace remains, and it is not clear when it was built or how much is left but we passed through an impressive gateway to reach the location.  Generally a pedestrian area our coaches were allowed through, during our time in the city we also had a police escort to ensure clear travel.




Part of the front of the Gateway.


















For the demonstration the tour members were seated around the display area, and then surrounded by many locals looking on, including from nearby buildings.  Musicians accompanied the display, with drums and horns.  


This man was introduced as a local wrestling champion and jeweller and he was very proudly showing off a necklace he had made with tiger teeth.

















To start the proceedings auspiciously, a coconut was first cracked as an offering.  This was not done in a conventional manner, but by a man throwing the coconut into the air and then jumping to head butt it.  He failed on the first attempt but succeeded the second time.


The man prepares to throw and then after heading the coconut, water can be seen coming out.

















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