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Chowk Bazaar Bus and Jeep Station

The few jeeps that we had passed earlier were nothing to what we meet at the Chowk Bazaar area.  We passed a bus area and then reached a section full of parked up jeeps that kept coming and going.  The jeeps provide a regular means of travel between the small mountain towns and villages and you will often see people flagging them down on the road.

This area was none stop with lots of activity to watch.  There was also shops and a beef market in the vicinity.  The sort of place you can just watch the activity for a long time.





The opposite ends of the Chowk Bazaar from where we were standing at the Old Super Market Complex.














Part of the old supermarket complex.













Sofa anyone?














Part of the beef market, not something you see that often in India due to the sacredness of the cow for Hindus.












Every spot had some sort of activity going on.













Or provide a vantage point to watch the happenings.


















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