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Hill Cart Road

From North Point we started back towards the town along Hill Cart Road which is the main mountain road up from the plains to Darjeeling.


A couple of houses right up against the road and hugging the hill side.


















One vehicle that had definitely seen better days on the road.  A local boy had seen me taking this picture and found it funny that I should want to photograph such a thing.











As we got nearer the centre there were more and more jeeps (probably taxies) getting loaded up with lots of bags and produce.  It looked like people had come into town to do a weekly shop or something like that.












I have no idea of the arch's original purpose, it called be a rather grand water fountain, but now seems to be a chai point.  The black lettering says NH 55 for National Highway 55, the number designation of the road.


The blue and red sign is a police road safety sign and says

'The rule of the road is a paradox quite.

Keep to the left you are always right.'




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