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Observatory Hill

From Chowrasta there is a pedestrian road around the base of Observatory Hill.  The hill was the original location of the Dorje Ling monastery, which once found by the British became an established rest and recreation point for British Soldiers in the first half of the 19th century and in turn led to the development of the town. There is a small sacred cave revered by both Hindus and Buddhists and many prayer flags have been placed in the area.  We did not walk up the hill, choosing to go around instead, which had the weather been better would have given some really good views, but there was lots of activity going on along the promenade as well.



View along the east side of town.


















This monkey was stealing and eating offerings off this small shrine.  He had scared off some younger monkeys to keep his find.










Some children playing cricket, any space gets used here, though they seemed to lose one ball down the hill side while playing.  I guess its probably a regular risk here.












The couple above were just having a gentle walk on the horses whereas this lad was trotting and making the handler run quite fast.












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