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Makaibari Tea Estate

On Saturday we took a drive down the hill to visit the Makaibari Tea Estate  (Link to Makaibari Website).  It is located near the town of Kuresong so it was about an hour and a half drive from the hotel.  The day was very misty so we could not see the fields at their best though we did catch another look at them the following day in a better light when we were heading for the airport.

We were first shown around the processing factory before having a sampling of some tea and then a little wander through some of the nearby fields.


The pickers are mainly women, they were at the end of their morning shift.  Each lady had her basket weighed before taking it through to the drying shed.

A good picker can pick about 25kgs of fresh leaves a day.  On this estate they picked by hand for the top quality leaf.











Inside the drying shed, the leaves are spread over the tables and left to air dry ovenight.















We were then taken into this part of the factory where the various machines were located.













This is the curl and tear machine.  Here the dried leaves are effectively rolled and curled.  With some of the rarest teas this stage may be carried out by hand.






















From the curling machine the leaves were spread out on these trays to allow the leaves to dry some more.
















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