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Cookies Tea Corner

Of course being in Darjeeling we had to buy some tea and during one walk we came across Cookies Tea Corner.



They were very friendly in the shop and showed us some of the different leaves.  To gauge the differences in the leaf before tasting you can smell them.  You take a small amount in your hands, rub the leaves to warm them, then blow into your hand to give a bit of warm air and moisture and then smell the aroma.


Some of the different varieties that they stocked.  They stocked single estate teas, rather than blends.  So all the leaf comes from a known bush variety and location.











We decided to go for some spring picked and autumn picked varieties, the autumn leaves had a slightly stronger aroma.  While measuring up we were also offered a cup.  The amusing part was that in the shop they had some posters telling you about the teas and saying it is best drunk without sugar and milk.  In India though most people drink tea with plenty of sugar and milk and that was how it was served to us.

Our tea being taken from a recently delivered bag.












Weighing it up.

















They had plenty of stock and of course genuine tea packing cases.













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