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Monsoon Mayhem 

4th August 2005


You probably heard about some of the troubles that Mumbai (Bombay) have had during this monsoon season after experiencing nearly 1m of rain in 24 hours.  That was more than the usual monthly average (710mm)  for Mumbai in July, which is about 1000 miles south from us.  Fortunately Delhi does not experience quite so much rain during the monsoon, the average for July is 211 mm.  The rainfall varies considerably around the country, Delhi is to the north of the desert region of Rajasthan which is why there is less here.

The rain is also not regular of consistent during the monsoon season.  The term monsoon actually refers to the winds that bring the rain, not the rains themselves. Yesterday, 4th August we had our first significant rains for about 3 weeks.  During this time is had gradually been getting hotter again regularly getting over 35 degrees.  Then in the afternoon we had heavy rain and a thunderstorm which brought about 35mm of rain in an hour.  It also lowered the temperature by about 10 degrees.

Andy was coming home from work and the traffic was chaos, the volume of water in such a short time along with variable drainage causes a lot of water logging.  The usual 20 minute journey took over an hour.  He caught some pictures on his phone camera and then took a few more from a friend's flat which show well the problems the rain can cause.  Not to mention some of it getting into the flat under doors etc!



A classic snarl up, note that some cars are driving in the wrong direction on the far carriage way.  Not uncommon, just trying to find the shortest route!

Work on building this house started in just the last week, after the rain the foundations were flooded.

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