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Products and Prices

In general the prices of items is dependant on if they are Indian made or imported.  Things that are made here are generally cheaper than at  home whilst imported items will usually be at a similar price or more expensive than in the UK.  Sales tax is also added to certain items and the level of this varies from state to state.  For us this means that many things may be cheaper in Delhi than in Gurgaon as they are in different states.  The most noticeable one is alcohol which is quite a bit cheaper in Delhi.

The following prices are in rupees, there are about 80 rupees per pound


Fruit & Vegetable                                                     

              Banana                                                          1.5 each

              Papaya                                                          18 / kg 

              Guava                                                           48 / kg 

              Mango                                                          200/ kg

              Kiwi                                                              21 each

              Pineapple                                                      30 / kg 

              Lady Fingers                                                 48 / kg 

              Garlic bulb                                                     3 (sold per kg)  

              Onions                                                          12 / kg 

              Tomato                                                         16 / kg 

              Sweet Potato                                                 20 / kg 

              Closed cup Mushroom                                    90 / kg (sold in 200g bags)

              Radish (Mooli)                                              12 / kg

              Capsicum (Green pepper)                               32 / kg

              Ginger                                                           64 / kg

              Beans (French)                                              32 / kg 

 The fruit here is really good and you see items that we rarely see at home, or are much large and juicer.

The mat is a bit larger than A4, at the back is a papaya, melon to the left and mango.






The papaya cut in half








A bundle of lychees which cost 50 rupees








One of our local fruit and veg stores, the vegetables are under the hessian on the right.  The cloth is wet and helps to keep the veg fresher during the hot weather.














              Bread (400g)                                                16        

              Frozen peas (200g)                                       18        

              Eggs (6)                                                       25        

              Nescafe Gold blend (100g)                            440      

              Milk (long life) (1L)                                       30        

              Tropicana Fruit juice (1L)                              70        

              Heinz Tomato Ketchup (200g)                       22        

              Tin Tuna (185g)                                           65        

              Pepsi (500ml)                                              18        

              Mineral water (2L)                                        20        

              Jam (strawberry) 200g                                  38        

              Sunflower oil (1L)                                         74        

              Olive oil (500 ml)                                         210      

              Muesli (725g)                                               199      

              Cheese spread (200g)                                   35        

              Marmite (125g)                                            165      

              Cadbury Drinking chocolate                           52        

              Kingfisher beer (600ml)                                 60 (Haryana Tax)          

                                                                                50 (Delhi Tax)

             Wine (Australian)                                          1500 (Delhi Tax)

                    (Indian)                                                400  (Delhi Tax)

              Plum Tomatoes (Tin 400g)                            60        

              Chickpeas (Tin 400g)                                    95        

              Baked Beans                                                 36        

              Sugar (500g)                                                24        

              Twinings Earl Grey Tea bags (25)                  55        

              Dried Rajma (red kidney beans) 500g            19        

              Dried Dal Chama (yellow split peas) 1kg        28        

              Sun-Maid raisins (340g)                                123      

              Long Life Cream (500ml)                              35        

              Washing-up liquid                                        50        

              Cream Coconut milk (200ml)                         18        

              Salted Crisp (37g bag)                                  10        

              Paneer (cottage cheese block 250g)               25         



The meat available in butchers will depend on their religion.  Hindu butchers (which are in the majority) will sell chicken and lamb, so finding beef and pork takes more work.  There is a shop called Pig Po, in Delhi that sells pork and a few delicatessens do as well.  We have beef delivered by a Muslim butcher (who of course does not sell pork either)

              Chicken: breast                                              150 / kg           

              Mutton: minced                                              130 / kg           

              Mutton: boneless chops                                 180 / kg           

              Beef Fillet: whole                                            375 

We are not sure how much our first whole fillet of beef weighed, but this is what it looked like.









Eating Out                                                                

              McDonalds Happy Meal                               95        

              Cappuccino                                               28 - 40 (depending on place)

             Meal in a 5* hotel restaurant                        1000 - 1500 per head (without alcohol)   

             Meal in TGI Friday                                      400- 800 per head



            Cinema Ticket                                              150

            DVDs                                                          800+

            CDs                                                            295+

            VCDs                                                          295+

Actual costs of DVDs etc depend on titles, but most of our chart CDs are about 395 rps.  VCDs are video discs, the Indian market seems to have missed video players and tapes.  However VCDs are widely available, with a range of the latest films and TV programs.  They are considerably less than DVDs which are often a similar price to home.


            Hair Cut (Mens)                                        150 +

            Hair Cut (Ladies)                                       250 +

            Pedicure                                                  165


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