Indian Life

In this section you will find some information about what our day to day life is like as a resident rather than a tourist, where we shop, the supplies and anything else we can think of that might be of interest.  This is our perspective from Gurgaon and Delhi, other areas may be quite different.   India is a large country and the Indians themselves agree that North and South do not always get on with plenty of rivalry. 

The native languages also create difference, the Delhi area is predominately Hindi, but there are 18 nationally recognised languages let alone other regional dialects.  As a result English is still widely used as a common language across the country which does make it easier for us.  However only the educated tend to speak English and the accents can sometimes be quite hard to follow, so some Hindi is useful and Emma is having some lessons :- its hard going though.

If you want to know anything in particular let us know and we will add it in.




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House Geckos 

Monsoon Mayhem (4th August 2005)

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