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House Geckos and Other Lizards

These are a feature of Indian Homes.  We first caught sight of them very early on but were not quite sure about them.  However after discussions with some of the locals it turns out that they are considered quite a helpful part of the home.  They eat many of the small insects that you do not want about the place so we just let them be.  

They are mainly nocturnal and move very quickly, so often you only catch a glimpse of them, before they hide away in some tight space behind pictures or gaps in the door frames etc. They can run quite happily over walls and on the ceilings.  Most of them are not very big, no longer than about 15cm nose to tail, but they seem to breed successfully and we have seen some quite little ones too.

Despite their shyness we have managed to get a few photos of them.

Seeking shelter under the microwave








The one below is very little only about 5cms long




Occasionally we have also come across other lizards living outside which are a bit larger.  Fortunately these ones don't seem to come indoors as they do look a bit more ferocious. 


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