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Well the power supply is one of the key issues in Indian or the regular lack of it.  Of course many rural areas have very little power supply at all but in the cities demand often outstrips supply.  Some areas can have power cuts of anything from  2 to 10 hours a day.  More wealthy individuals and most companies have back-up generators to ensure constant supply.  Power thefts is another big problem with people tapping in to mains supplies for free power.

At Laburnum there is a generator which maintains our power supply, but even with that we have regular mini power cuts, as it will take a while for the generators to kick in when the mains stops.  It is important therefore to have voltage stabilizer and UPS boxes to protect various bits of equipment such as fridges, air conditioners and of course the computer.

One of our beautiful air-conditioners with stabilizing unit.










India has the same power supply as at home 240v, but different types of plugs.  There are two sizes of round pin plugs, small ones for a 6 amp circuit and larger ones for a 15 amp circuit.  Some unearthed equipment is often sold with 2 pin plugs, to get these into a socket though you have to push something into the earth hole at the top, a thin pencil is very handy for this, to open up the holes below.

Two different types of double sockets, sometimes they are just singles, then there is the problem of having the right plug for the right sockets








Some products also come supplied with a standard British plug, therefore you get a wide range of adaptors.

This is our night time anti-mosquito spray, so we don't forget to have it on we use a timer, which is British.  Therefore we have two different adapters to get it to work.

We have found that the frequency is not the same as the 50Hz at home and the clock runs about 15mins slow each day.







The Indian approach to electricity could be described as a little bit casual.  This is the arrangement of switches and sockets in our bathroom, right next to the sink. The round knob is for a ceiling fan, except there isn't one in the room. Similarly two of the light switches aren't connected to anything.  This is common in a number of rooms. 

Andy took these two pictures with his phone at work, where a new lab is being built.  Workmen rarely have plugs on their tools, they just stick two wires into the socket holes, the board standing up in the room is like an extension lead for the workers.


A couple of further examples from out and about are below.



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