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8th to 27th February 2006


First impression of India on arrival?  

    Yippee! Its warm and sunny.          

Most bizarre sight while in India ?  

     Cycle rickshaws carrying long steel bars.

Favourite photos taken?

    The view over the Jantar Mantar (end of page) and the men on the Auto rickshaw.  Could not count exactly how many there were, but looked to be about 15 people.



 Recommendations for other guests:-

          Places to visit

                   Taj Mahal (a must), Amber palace and the Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur, Lodi Gardens Delhi.

          Places not to visit

                   Taxi Rank outside Delhi Nizzamuden railway station.


 What did you want to see, but did not have time

         Country side and wildlife

 What surprised you the most during your stay?  

Scale and intensity of road construction around Gurgaon (NH8)

 Lasting impression of stay?

         The huge task ahead in governing and managing a rapidly developing country.  

 How was the weather?


 Would you come back again?  


 Has your stomach survived the experience?????  

         Not without (hopefully temporary) damage.  (full recovery reported)



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