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1st to 15th October 2005


First impression of India on arrival?  

          Not quite as frantic coming out of the airport as I expected

 Most bizarre sight while in India ?  

          A man walking up the hill out of Darjeeling with with a tall wardrobe on his back  

Favourite photos taken?

           The B class saddle tanks out of Darjeeling , (that's the locomotive ones) and Mount  Kanchenjunga at sunrise


 Recommendations for other guests:-

          Places to visit

                   Darjeeling , Delhi Railway museum, India gate, Delhi historical sites  

          Places not to visit

                   Siliguri, the lavatories at New Jalpaiguri station


 What did you want to see, but did not have time

           Rewari steam shed

 What surprised you the most during your stay?  

How much you can carry on a bicycle

 Lasting impression of stay?

           The sheer number of people and bureaucracy it takes for the simplest task from buying a loaf of bread upwards

 How was the weather?

           Almost perfect weather, low 30ís and sunny in Delhi and dry in Darjeeling

 Would you come back again?  


 Has your stomach survived the experience?????  

          So far  (no reported trouble on return either)



You can see more of Alex's train pictures as well as more general pictures of his trip at














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