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8th to 27th February


First impression of India on arrival?  

    Quantity of people and traffic on the roads.          

 Most bizarre sight while in India ?  

    Overloaded agricultural vehicles

Favourite photos taken?

   The elephants at Jaipur and all the coloured lanterns and umbrellas at the Surjakund Craft fair


 Recommendations for other guests:-

          Places to visit

                   Delhi sights, Jaipur and Taj Mahal

          Places not to visit

                   Back street shopping areas

 What did you want to see, but did not have time

          Old Delhi

 What surprised you the most during your stay?  

Juxtaposition of wealth and poverty

 Lasting impression of stay?

           Friendliness of the people.

 How was the weather?

           Great warm and sunny

 Would you come back again?  


 Has your stomach survived the experience?????  



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